Saturday, March 20, 2010


Okay, so, I'm doing a little experiment on how technologically savvy I am.  I have a few pics of the kids...some from Sesame Street Live last weekend and maybe one or two from today.  Here goes!

In the lobby excited to wear their new Elmo hats and see their BFF (Elmo)
It's ELMO!  And Abby and Grover!
Owen was transfixed!
Syd was transfixed by the cookies
Miss Priss, having a tea party with all her babies

So, I was wrong.  I said "snow-schmow!   It's March 20th and it'll rain not snow."  Well, it has been snowing non stop since before sunrise.  The hubs, he had to work this morning.  So, me and the kids have been lazy-ing it up.  All of us are still in our pj's (at 4 pm!).

No cleaning or laundry has been done today.  Unless you count I ran some vinegar through the coffee pot and the washing machine.

And I did make the most kick ass delish wonderful creamy spicy chicken tortilla soup.  Me the O have had like 3 bowls a piece.

I'm waaay behind on my stories.  Really, one story... Days of Our Lives.  Five episodes down and 11 to go until I am caught up.  I might make it before the weekend is over.  Especially if the hubs and kids nap away the weekend (they've been snoozing a while).  It's a pretty good run right now with all the Carly-Daniel-Melanie-Phillip stuff and the Sami-Rafe-EJ- Baby Sydney stuff... If I am ever a game show and the category is "Crazy Incentual Family Blood Lines on DOOL" well, I just might win millions.  All my soap knowledge is bound to come in handy someday....right???

If the fam ever does wake up maybe we'll have an indoor picnic.  I still have the quilt on the floor from when Syd through her babies a tea party this morning.  Hmmm... maybe I'll whip up some sam-whiches to go w/ the soup....

That is after I find out if Melanie discovers Daniel is her father!

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