Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blog Etiquette (Or lack thereof?)

First off... I am pretty new to this blog thing.  I have been read 3 or 4 blogs since around Christmas time... and recently I have started to find more.  And now I have my own.  I think there are some unwritten rules or etiquette of blogging.  And I am pretty ignorant of them.  But I am learning.  And so I think I made a few pretty major blog etiquette blunders.  Namely I tried to self promote my blog/link to my blog when I was on others blogs.  So, I do apologize.  I'm still not sure on the rule about shameless self promotion.  But I'm figuring it out.  Also, I read a lot and don't comment a lot.  We bloggers (can I saw "we?"  Do I even count?) love comments.  So I'm trying to do better at leaving comments.  'Cept there is a lot of pressure to be just as witty and clever in the comments as the blog writer is.  And I am just not that witty and clever.  So, is it better to leave a lame comment or none at all?  *Sigh*

On to other items...

Me: Owen do you want a root beer?
Owen: No, Mommy that is for big kids.  Milk, please.

Oh, my heart be still!

(Don't normally let my kids have coke but I went to POPS Arcadia and have some amazingly awesome soda..if you are not familiar with the Soda Ranch check it out:  I had a Virgils Black Cherry Cream Soda and it was heaven.)

I am seriously going to have to learn to either write better segues or learn to write only on one topic at a time.

Right now I am thinking of: talking about my leggings (who do I think I am, Lindsey Lohan?  No, Miley Cyrus.  They are Miley Cyrus for Wal Mart.  Because that is how I roll).  Or maybe the SERIOUSLY unconstitutional bill that my great state of OK Congress pushed through today that on a mommy level I am totally OKAY with.  But the legal scholar (which is actually my sister) in me knows the law is not constitutionally sound.  (For more info on the law about the death penalty for convicted children's rapist - yeah that's the here...  Or, maybe I can blog on something more light hearted and flippant.  Like American Idol.  Or Sandra Bullocks marriage.  Okay, her marriage is not light hearted and flippant.  Seriously, who the hell would cheat on Sandy?  You suck in a major way Jesse James.  

But I digress.

I need some practice on blog writing and blog etiquette.  But I assure y'all: I'm working on it!


TB said...

He cheated on her???? That's messed up! Just when she was doing all those pre-awards show interviews talking about how great her husband is. I take ONE DAY off the internet and I miss this...never again! (is it horribly sad that I think that's important?)

I think blog etiquette is confusing too. I don't mind boring comments at all--if you have something to say, I like to hear it, even if it's not especially witty. Sometimes it feels like Sassy's comments section is just a contest to see who can be the wittiest, and that gets on my nerves. I also get annoyed by the people on her blog who just write something like, "Oh, you are soooooo funny! I spit coffee out of my nose every time I read you!". I mean, the woman is funny but jeez. Not that I wouldn't appreciate that comment myself, but the doting just gets a little out of hand sometimes.

I don't mind your abrupt segueways, but this font is so tiny I almost couldn't read it with my 30 year-old eyes! Bigger would definitely be better in this case.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! :)

Erin said...

TB, Thanks for taking the time to comment! Much appreciated. Sorry about the font. Experimentation gone wrong. And I totally understand the whole "wait I missed WHAT?!" in relationship to celeb gossip. Perez Hilton might get a bit too much of my time every day. Brain candy, I say. Happy St Patricks Day!

Melissa's Espresso Shot said...

I try to keep up with blog comments but the more blogs I follow, the less I have the opportunity to comment. As far as etiquette, I'm still learning myself. I think promoting your own blog is ok as long as you are referencing something pertinent to the conversation.

I just discovered your blog and look forward to reading more. Don't worry about random thoughts..those are usually the most entertaining!

Black Goat said...

I'm reading it and I like it for whatever that may be worth.

Erin said...

Melissa, thanks for the blog tips! Glad you are reading. I promise, lots of random thoughts to come.

You totally count!

Amy xxoo said...

I just found you via 20SB - dont worry so much about the blog ettiquette because we all make mistakes. Just so long as you keep up with the entertaining writing, people will keep coming back!

Erin said...

Amy, thanks for the feedback!

Lily Ruth's Mama said...

Erin, thanks for the comments! I don't always respond, but it's not because I don't appreciate the feedback - it's because I can't always think of something witty enough to say :-/ and I don't wanna blow my 'cooler than thou' image (tee-hee)

As for blog etiquette, I feel like as long as you are blogging for YOU, who gives a shit what everybody else thinks :-)

Keep writing, Mama!