Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Excuse me while my eye twitches out of control...

9:11 pm.  And I am just now sitting down.  I feel like I have been nonstop all day.  Oh wait.  Because I have.  

Wake up, get me & the kiddos ready; drop kiddos off; head to work; get dettered by traffic/road work; get to work at 9:02 for a 9:00 am meeting; 6 meetings later and a bizillion other to do's later; lunch; a million more meetings and work related things time to go home; drive home; promptly leave house to p/u to-go for dinner; come home; eat dinner w/ the fam; give the kids a bath; get kids to bed; do a load of laundry... and now to blog.

This will all repeat tomorrow and the next day and the next... until infinity.

Honestly, I love my job.  Adore it.  Will never say my company's name or what I do or so much as innocently vent about my job on FB or my blog... b/c I don't want my ass fired from a job I like and a job I am damn good at.  

But honest to goodness being a working mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend... well, there is a reason my barista knows my usual is a quad grande w/ whip carmel machiatto (iced if it's over 60 outside).  Seriously people, my barista knows my voice over the drive thru intercom.  (This quad machiato twice a day thing might be the root cause of my eye twitch and insomnia now that I think about it...hmmm...)

So, long story short...

Do I have anything witty or clever or silly antedotes or cute kid stories?  I am sure I do.

But all I really want to do is cue up the dvr watch some AI.  So, you are getting short changed tonight if you stopped by for my wit.  (Oh wait, that would be in general as I am not that witty.)

But at least my new SmashBox Photo Finish Primer I bought seems to be working... my make up has held up for over 14 hours!


Erin said...

Can I comment on my own blog? B/C I totally am. I can't believe I forget to mention the most amazingly sweet thing the hubs did today. On his lunch break he took my car to the shop and when he got off work he brought back to me... oil changed, fluids topped off, tires rotated...the whole shebang.

TB said...

Aw, that's a nice thing to have done! How sweet.

Your days sound nutty. Being a stay at home mom, I think that I've lost the ability to cope with stressful grown-up situations. I probably would have had a nervous breakdown by now if I were you, not just a twitchy eye. Good job, woman!

Black Goat said...

Your blog is funny and witty, even if you can't always see it and even if it is funny in different ways to different people. Hope you are enjoying writing it -- it is probably a good outlet.

Erin said...

Thanks, uncle John. It is a good outlet. I was too exhausted last night but I am going to try to write tonight.