Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ready? Okay!

I didn't blog yesterday.  I was too tired from being a cheerleader.  Literally not metaphorically.  I dressed up along with 15 others in matching outfits, put my hair in a bouncy pony complete with a ribbon (matched the other gals) and did a cheer complete with the high v in front of a hundred people.  

I was not a cheerleader in jr high or high school.  I lack rhythm and coordination.  I was also a bit of an ugly duckling in high school (um, still not to the swan phase yet...though, the other day a lady at work told the hubs - the hubs and I work together - that "you're wife gets prettier the older she gets."  Aw, how sweet.  I barely even know this lady, so it's extra sweet.  Maybe I'm like a fine wine and only get better with age...but I digress).  I was on the Constitution team in high school.  Yes, my high school had an entire team dedicated to upholding and protecting the greatest document ever written - the United States Constitution.  So, I was pretty much the antithesis of a cheerleader.

But we had a bit of a spirit competition at work and I am if anything, I am competitive.  So, I signed up and got to cheer.  And it seriously took every ounce of energy out of me.  But it was FUN! So, there is something to be said for that.

I haven't been cooking lately.  I should.  I've been inspired by a food blog (Rock N Roll Gourmet) and I am anxious to try her tips and recipes.   Seriously, this chic can cook.  If I was randomly in her neighborhood, which would be weird and stalker-y and creepy b/c I don't know her outside of her blog and I live halfway across the country from her... but seriously, one day I am going to try her duck recipe b/c the hubs love duck.

My mom called I called her at 8 am... she invited us to dinner w/ her and some of her work friends, but they were eating at 5 and my and the hubs were still at work at 5... still had to drive across town, pick up the kiddos and get settled.  I feel kinda crummy that we went out to eat but not w/ her.  I sort of adore my mom.  I get to see her tomorrow, yay!  (She lives 5 minutes from me, I see her like every other day... but still.)

So, we were driving to dinner tonight and the Syd was trying to yank her boots off and WHAM!!!  Her boot and foot went up and she hit her mouth and there she was sitting strapped in her car seat in the backseat with the silent cry and her lip busted and bleeding.  Bless her heart.  I felt so bad for her.  But it was pretty funny.  Only when you're two can you bust your lip inside a moving vehicle while trying to remove a shoe.  I think she inherited her uncoordination from me.

Meanwhile, the Rascal Flats version of "Life is a Highway" came on (yes, I keep radio tuned to country...)and Owen said "It sounds like Cars in here.  I'm Lightening McQueen!"


TB said...

That's strange, because my son's rubber boots have Lightning McQueen ON them! Weird, huh?

I wondered where you were yesterday--you are so diligent with your blogging, it makes me want to be a better blogger.

Oh, I gave you an award. Go pick it up on my page. :)

Erin said...

Thanks again for the award! Little boys and their Lightening McQueen, huh? It really is a match made in a heaven.

Amy xxoo said...

Poor little cherub! And also - Rascal Flatts rock much!