Sunday, August 15, 2010

Before Meets After

It's been a while, y'all.

I'm pleased to announce we are all healthy once again.

We are also a 90% diaper free household (Syd is 100% and Owen is the 90%.  I know, he is older.  Whatev.)  It's not a myth when someone tells you their kid potty trained themselves.  Syd woke up one morning and decided it was time and it was.

It is *insert curse word* hot.  Like over 100 for 10 days in a row.  Add in the humidity and the heat index and whatnot and its like 110.  The heat is oppressive.  It just bears down on you.  It's icky.

It's been so long I feel like I have a million things to blog about and nothing at all.  Weird.

I suppose I should say - even if I haven't blogged or commented on yours it doesn't mean I'm not reading yours.  I have followed project sleepy time and gallbladder surgeries and moving to your dream neighborhood and whatnot.  I know comments are the life blood of bloggers and I sincerely apologize for not leaving them.  (And for being the creepy anonymous reader!)

Okay, I have a few topics I could discuss:
- my amazingly wonderful near-perfect kiddos (or maybe share some of their imperfections - lol)
- how I'm a total (beauty) product junky and review a few products (primer, foundation, gloss)
- My new Clarisonic!!!!!  (I'm in loooove)
- Or a bit of narcissism (who I am kidding?  A lot of narcissism!)
- Other random blogable moments - y'know the kind that are truly enjoyable to read - every day antidotes that capture a snapshot of humanity at its best/worst.  Like Owen's new "in-bid-able" friend.

Well, folks... what's it gonna be?

Well what is the easiest thing that I can readily write about? 

Narcissism.  Sort of.

Recently a gal at work was like "so it's nice that you have pictures of your husband with another woman on your desk."  It's true: when the hubs I first met I had long plain dark hair (that I always wore in a pony), had glasses, never wore any make up and dressed sloppy.  Somehow he still fell in love with me.  Now my hair is short, lighter, I wear contacts & make up and sometimes actually iron my clothes.  Here is pic from approx 3 years ago, so I think I had evolved to mascara and lip gloss...

Pic taken this week... it's sorta grainy, excuse the pic from the camera...also note I know have two adorable rugrats attached to me:


So, that's my attempt at get myself back into blogging.  Maybe I won't be so lame next time.  Missed y'all.