Monday, March 29, 2010

Internal Joy: A List

I'm too exhausted to form coherent thoughts so here is a list...

Things that give me internal joy:

1.  When my kids wake me up on Saturday morning saying "we will wake the sleeping dragon by tickling it!"  And then proceed to tickle me awake.

2.  Bacon Avocado on Rye from Someplace Else deli w/ my see-ster.  (saying see-ster to annoy my b-i-l)

3.  When my hubby buys me my sbux unsolicited.

4.  Nathan Fillon on Castle.  David Boreanaz on Bones.  Jeremy Sisto, Anthony Anderson & Linus Roache on Law & O.

5.  The zoo.  The one eyed ostrich.  The snake house.  The aquarium.  The carousel and the swan paddle boats.

6.  My parents.  I heart my mom and my dad.

7.  When my kids clearly have learned something from me... even if it is age/gender inappropriate like wearing high heels or applying lipstick.  Or when they know the Target & Starbucks symbol so well when we drive by they say "mommy shouldn't we stop?"  I know they learned it from me.

8.  Feeding the ducks.  Then running scared when the crazy eyed goose comes after my little ducklings.

9.  When I unjam the copier at work by myself.

10.  Really amazing sales on really amazing shoes.

11.  Joel McHale.  Tina Fey.  Jon Stewart.  Basically funny smart people.

12.  When my rosebush (Oklahoma red) is in bloom.

13.  They joy of digging out my own flower bed.  (Why hire someone?  Sweat and dirt is sorta awesome.)

14.  Terribly written prose about murder mysteries w/ female protagonists and side love story set in Miami (this is a real genre of books and they are FANTASTIC).

15.  The hubs, in general.  The kids in general.

G'night y'all.

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Dianne said...

The kids waking you up on Saturday morning is adorable...I LOVE Nathan Fillon/Castle! :)