Thursday, March 18, 2010

The first step is admitting you have a problem...

I think I might be a hoarder.  Or OCD.  Or a compulsive shopper.  Or perhaps a good old fashioned addict.

Okay, disclaimer... I know all the above disorder are LEGIT and serious and I should NOT poke fun.

But, I can poke fun at MYSELF.

So here is my confession, y'all.

I seriously cannot stop BUYING things.  It is a compulsion.  And while for the most part it is on things like coffee at SBux on the way to work or groceries or kids toys... I mean spending money is inevitable and part of life... but I latch on to one or two items and OBSESS.  Case(es) in point:

1) Undies.  This was really bad when I was like 18.  I bought like 100 pairs in like 6 months.  Vic Sec adored me.  I have mostly weaned myself but when their semi annual clearance rolls around I am there like white on rice.  For real-z y'all.

2) Shoes.  I own more shoes than fit in our closet.  And we have this kick ass wrap around walk in Australian closet that is like big enough to be an office.  Mostly heels.  But I have started in on my flats and sandals and boots collections too.  Name a color.  Pink - 3 pairs.  Red 4 (two heels, 2 flats).  Yellow - 1 pair heels.  Purple 4 pairs - 2 heels and 2 flats.  Navy? Check.  All shades of brown - tan, taupe, chocolate; matte leather and patent leather?  Check and check.  Let's talk black shall we?  Pointy Toe, Round Toe, boots, sandals, flats, heels, patent leather, matte leather, low mid and super 5 inch platform? How many check, check, checks is that?  It is a SICKNESS people.

I own so many pairs of shoes that I might commission of photographer to do an artsy photo shoot of my a still life collection.  Or that might be weird.

*I should note I don't ever spend more than $30.00 on shoes.  I heart Tar-Jay and Charlotte Russe.

3) Make up.  I should break this down into category.  Foundation?  Everything from cheap drugstore to Bare Minerals.  I own it all.  (No, I do not wear them all at once.)  Now I am obsessed with lipstick/gloss.  I have 12 in my purse at last count.

4) Much to my husbands chagrin... magazines.  I love how shiny and gloassy they are.  And they're like books.  But shorter.  With more pictures.  In Touch.  Real Simple.  Glamour.  Parenting.  If it is made out of shiny magazine paper, I like.

So, in all honesty, it really isn't so much about buying STUFF or spending the money... it's like a COMPULSION.  Like I am trying to fill some void in my life.  When I shop I literally get high.  Being in Target or Ross or Kohls or wherever....I'm not sure if it is the florescent lighting or what.  But my endorphins increase and I get a rush and feel genuinely euphoric when I shop.  And if I go more than a week without I get in a serious funk.  Just ask my hubby.  I go through withdrawal.  It's not pretty, y'all.

I had a pretty happy childhood.  I have a pretty amazing relationship with my parents.

I have a pretty super fantastic hubby.  My kids adore me and I them.  We play a lot of pocket rosie (what my kids call ring around the rosie).  (Um, can I say "pretty" any more?  I need a thesaurus.)

So, I have no clue where the obsessive shopping comes in.  It's just there.

And thank goodness the hubs adores me and knows I work hard for the money (she works hard for the money...) and doesn't care as long as I don't spend the mortgage or diaper money.

Wow.  This was quite cathartic.  Feel free to judge me now.

I'm gonna go crush on some Joel McHale on Community.


TB said...

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I am also addicted to makeup and undies.

My makeup addiction is so bad that I carry a makeup bag (the size normal people would put their entire collection in) around in my purse, and it has probably 15+ different types of lip gloss/stick in it. The lucky thing is that I finally found a base routine that is perfect for me (Laura Mercier mineral powder with Benefit Boing concealer) so I don't go crazy on the bases anymore. Eyeshadow, liner, lip everything, mascara, etc, HOWEVER, is all still an addiction.

As far as the undies go, do you have a VS Angels card? Because even if you don't use it, they send you a coupon once every couple months or so for a free pair PLUS $10 off a purchase. I usually go in and get the free pair, then use the $10 off to buy the 5 for $25 undies, so I end up with 6 pair for $15 after the discount. Score!

If your kids aren't starving and you have a home, I wouldn't worry too much about any of this. :)

Erin said...


We are gonna have to swap make up tips. I've never tried either of those foundations so I might have to. And we need to talk mascara. I'm starting on that next.

I don't have an angels card but I get coupons semi-regularly, I think since I order online a lot (the dress slacks are the best!)

Thanks for the confirmation I am not a looney!!!!!

Jeanette said...

I own about...4 pairs of shoes... on one tennis shoes for gardening that I stole from someone else so 5 and yes that counts my pair of flip flops!

Erin said...

Jeanette, yes but you can back baba ganosh (spelling?!) and I can't. So, I buy more shoes to fill that void!

Dianne said...

Girl, I LOVE to shop! That is why I am always broke...LOL My weakness is clothes and purses. I like shoes but don't really get excited when I buy them. However, I have more purses than I will ever need. I change my purse twice a week to match outfits. My friends make fun of me all the time....And I have clothes in my closet that still have tags on them from two years ago. I never throw anything away, I always think I will wear it again..So don't worry about it, it is a girl thing...LOL