Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bless her heart.

When the Syder woke up this morning we immediately knew she was sick: rosy cheeks, dark ruby red  lips, dried snot with new runny snot on her upper lip and a weak cough (seriously why do we adults paint our lips and cheeks to appear vibrant and alive and beautiful but when our babies are sick they look all flushed and red?).  

But the number one way we knew she was sick: she was still and quiet.  I think I must have had slightly too much caffeine during my pregnancy w/ Sydney.  This child is always loud; she has two sounds: shriek-y laughter and shriek y crying.  The laughter is only slightly less grating than the crying.  This morning: silent.  She also is always on the go: running, jumping, climbing, eating, crawling, kicking, hitting... today, she just wanted to cuddle.  This child does not cuddle.  I knew she was sick.  

Last fall I spent a pretty penny (or like 50 bucks) on nifty thermostat so I put it to use: 100.6.  Not too bad (same time as the thermometer purchase baby girl had a fever of 105!  Never in my parenting life have I been so scared and desperate and many other emotions... 2 am in an ER with a baby w/ a temp of 105 not the time of my life... I digress... 100.6 though no longer fazes me).  I can tell her throat hurts - she barely ate her bfast and her voice is scratchy.  

Two hours, a dose of Tylenol and thirty minutes in a makeshift steam room later she is on the floor playing half heartedly.   (I closed the bathroom door, turned the shower on full blast hot and we sat on the floor until it was so steamy and condensation-y that our skin was clamy....I tell y'all those old wive tale remedies WORK!) 

Bless her heart.


TB said...

Aw, sorry you're dealing with a sickling. I am too, but he's not as bad as yours--just a croup, no fever. We also sat in a steamy bathroom today! That and Vicks seemed to really help.

Good luck, and keep up the good work!

Living Shallow, Living Well said...

Looks like you've got it all handled!

Erin said...

Thanks all. She is doing better. I think it is just the crummy weather... 70 degrees and then snow and then back to 70. It just messes w/ the kiddos.