Monday, March 15, 2010

Don't Call It Brenner

Made breakfast for dinner tonight. Well, the laziest bfast for dinner you can imagine: cereal, bananas, scrambled eggs w/ cheese, cinnamon raisin toast and orange juice. But let's face it y'all: calling breakfast for dinner brenner is stupid. It sounds pretentious and snotty and is totally not even a real word (like agreeance). Plus when you say "I made brenner." People look at you sideways and you have to say "breakfast for dinner." But you have to say it like they're the stupid ones, not you. Hence the snobbishness of brenner. So, easier to say breakfast for dinner and no one will ever say brenner again, okay? Good. (Gosh, probably just offend all three of my followers. Oops.)

So Syd (my daughter dearest) has been at odds with me today. It is become very apparent that unless something changes we will have one of those mother daughter relationships wherein I try to gentle tell her the right thing (by gently tell, I mean force) and she rebels and screams and cries until I give in and she gets to be bad. While today it is over what flavor of cereal she gets or who turns the lights off on the way out of the house (OMG 30 min of non stop two year old terror screams and wails over not being the one to flip the damn switch). This power struggle pattern will culminate in approximately 16 years when we find ourselves on A & E Intervention. Okay, I believe in self fulfilling prophecies so I better not say that. But for real y'all - my daughter is one stubborn mule who knows how to break her mama.

So, I read plenty of blogs that share only the ooey goeey happy sunny everything is rainbows and sunshine side about motherhood. And those blogs are shit. Don't hate me, I speak the truth. It is not that those things aren't true. Motherhood rocks. I love it. Wouldn't trade my kids for anything less than thirty minutes in a spa bath with an amaretto sour and a In Touch tabloid. Just kidding. Wouldn't trade them for anything. Not even world peace. Y'all can keep on fighting, my kids are MINE. Now, on the flip side I read a lot of "bad mommy" blogs. These are trendy right now. Mommy's blogging about how crap their lives as SAHMs are, their crappy husbands, their badass kids and woe is me attitude. This is also a bunch of shit. Kids are totally rainbows and butterflies… that is when they’re not goliath bird eating tarantulas. (That is a real thing - goliath bird eating tarantula. Google it. Have nightmares. Thank me later. Gonna visit one next week when we hit up the new Children’s Zoo exhibit at the OKC ZOO.)

Anyway, the point is I want my blog to be in the middle. Or maybe 70% rainbows and 30% goliath bird eating tarantula. Keep me in check if I lean too far one way or the other.

Plus I am a wife and an citizen and an employee and a gal obsessed with: shoes, coffee, celeb goosip, Days of Our Lives (DOOL hereinafter), loads of tv, books, make up and clothes. So, every now and again I'm taking off my mom hat and just being a girl.

Thanks y'all.


TB said...

I hear ya. Why can't moms just admit that we have bad days and good days? I hate my friends who never complain about being a stay-at-home-mom, but I hate the blogs by the women who ignore their children completely even more. I 100% agree that my kid can be annoying, but would I choose a bottle of gin over him? Er, no.

And don't feel bad about the cereal for dinner thing. We do that all the time here, mostly because it's one of the five things that my 2 1/2 year old son will eat without pretending to gag. They fortify it, right? ;)

Erin said...

TB, I am so excited! You are my first non blood related comment poster! Thanks! You just made my day! And you are soooo right. Cereal is fortifying. It builds strong bones.

TB said...

Oh, no problem! I saw your post over on Sassy's blog and thought I'd check you out. I have like 8 followers I don't know, and they are all recent additions, but it's very exciting when it happens, isn't it? It gives you the motivation to write more. :)