Saturday, March 27, 2010

Biker Bars & Country Music

So, on Thursday night I recieved the:

from TB at Year 31.   I haven't posted in response yet due mostly to this crazy little thing called motherhood.  I've worked, gone to the bank, my parents house, Kohls (were I got the most AMAZING Vera Wang purse EVER for super cheap!), hung out w/ the kiddos, went to a dive lesbian biker bar (um, more on that later),  sleeped in, went to Tar-jay w/ the fam where my kids spilled chocolate milk all over themselves, the cart and the floor much to the hubs embarrasment and now am finally home starring at the pit that I call my living room.  But I would rather blog than clean.  So, it's time for me to complete the soundtrack of my childhood.  Now, I'm not sure I can post video or whatever, but I'm gonna do my best.

1.  Bon Jovi "Bad Medicine."  This is the very first "pop" song I have any memory of... I also remember my dad telling me that I had the hots for Bon Jovi, but I was like, 6 years old and no clue who Bon Jovi even was, but now, I totally agree, Bon Jovi is HOT.  

2.  Reba McEntire's "Fancy."  Honestly, this is still my favorite song of all time.  I knew all the words... we didn't have cable until I was like 15, but someone (a cousin?  a grandparent?) taped the video off CMT and I watched the video over and over and over.   Now that I think about, not sure if a song about prostitution was that appropriate for an eight year old...Nonetheless, still one of my faves.   Pardon me, while I belt out some Reba.

3 & 4 & 5... I'll put Garth with Garth.  The first is Garth Brooks "Friends in Low Places."  When I was about eight years old I remember standing on the playground w/ the other kids in the class singing this - we knew all the words.  Again, now that I think about it, may not have a few more adult thems than us kiddos knew.  The other Garth song was "Two of a Kind."  My elementry school gym teacher would play this song while we ran laps.  Not exactly work out music, but fun nonetheless.  The third is "Rodeo."  This is a song that I still get SUPER EXCITED to hear on the radio... a few years ago, the hubs and I bought the ultimate Garth Brooks collection and the cd with "Rodeo" is the most played one.  Also, in the fift grade we had a Garth impersantor come and do a performance along with Mike Morgan from News Channel 4...the Garth guy sang "Rodeo" and even said "Damn" which was huge to us kids and then Mike Morgan gave us tornado safety tips.  I think I was wearing my Eskimo Joes tee shirt.  Um, did I perhaps grow up in Oklahoma?


Okay, I'm done with the counrty now.  Not because when I was 10 I suddenly stopped listening to country.  Because I did not.  I mostly listen to NPR in the car now, but when I do listen it's mostly country, folk, bluegrass...  But I am a sucker for bubble gum boy bands and pop tarts and sexy bad boy rappers.  So here a few highlights of my junior high and high school years:

6.  "Regulators" Warren G & Nate Dogg... um, whatever happened to them?

7. "Slim Shady" Eminem... I think everyone has this on their soundtrack...

8.  The one and only Ms. Spears "Oops."

Okay, I'm exhausted now... afterall I did have a rough night with bikers and roller derby girls.  (That's not entirely true... a gal I work with plays in a band and the bar/band decide to donate all profits/tips to a charity from last nights show.  So about 50 of us from work went to see them play.  I drank all of one beer and stayed out to the super late midnight hour... but had a blast.  And it went to a good cause.  Sometimes mommy's just need a night out.)

Don't judge me because I like only country/pop music.  I realize I have zero taste in music that actual qualifies as artistry, but I am perfectly okay with that.


TB said...

Those are some good Garth Brooks choices! I like everything you have here except for Eminem, because I just don't really care for him as a person.

"Fancy" is a really good song, too. I'm a little older than you are, so I think I realized what she was singing about early-on. That video made me cry every time I watched it. :(

Amy xxoo said...

Just for the record - i love Garth Brooks. My mum and dad went to see him in concert when i was 8 and to this day i am still pissed that they didnt take me...
Some good choices you have there!

Erin said...

Thanks, ladies. Garth is amazing. I live in his hometown and I think "maybe I'll see him visiting home!" except his parents have both passed so he has no reason to visit.