Sunday, March 14, 2010

Getting Started

Well, here goes nothing.

I'm starting my own blog.


I read a lot of blogs. No, a lot.

So, the hubs finally said, stop talking to me and start talking to the Internets. (I'm a paraphrasing.)

So, here I am Internets!!!!!!!

Love me, please.

I like reading blogs about: mommyhood, marriage, food/recipes/restaurant reviews, beauty/fashion (though I am neither beautiful nor fashionable), tv, books and celeb gossip.

So, I'm gonna write about all the things I love.

Just bear with me though. I know not about things like java or html or rss or any other technological thingys.

And I don't have a great camera, so my pics might be good. If I can even upload (download???) a pic. But I'll try. Mostly I can facebook and read Perez Hilton. That's my internet savvy.

For real, I'm a Gen Y-er. And I don't know this crap.

Bear with me as I develop my writing style. I'm going to *attempt* to be smart and sassy and snarky and sarcastic (at times) and relevant and irreverent and brutally honest and.... well, and me. is the requisite introduction and "about me:"

Married (met, married and procreated w/ my hubby in under a year! When you know, you know. For real-z y'all.)

Mom of the two best kids: Owen Max, age 3 1/2 and Sydney Claire, age 2. Also known as: Captain Destruct-o and Miz-Chivas. (when they're good their angels and when their bad their... well quite destructive as witnessed by my walls now covered in crayola.)

Half-decent cook. Better call ahead and pick up to go.

Lover of NPR. When I do listen to music it is country or pop/rap/hip hop. (I'm a hard core SUV driving, suburban living, Starbucks drinking thug, y'all. The fact I say "y'all" should hint that I'm not at all hard core.)

Born & raised Oklahoman. Go Pokes! Go Sooners! It's a house divided.

Okay, that's enough for now. Can't wait to met you, all my new Internet stalkers, er, I mean friends!


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Black Goat said...

Anyone can post a comment? Hope they filter the spam and you don't get too many creepy ones.

Good luck, Erin, blogger.