Friday, March 19, 2010

70 degrees and under a blizzard advisory,,,only in OK

It has been 70 degrees for 3 days now. We have a 100% chance of having "storm of the century" weather tomorrow.

This means we went to Wal Mart. Friday night. Storm of the century predictions.

It was like Armageddon in there, y'all. Milk was close to being sold out. Fruit snacks WERE sold out. (Priorities, folks.) EVERY single white trash person in the county was there. With their 18 barefoot heathen kids.

Okay, I'll stop stereotyping.

Owen wore big boy undies the whole time and didn't have one accident! Woot!

We bought Syd diapers and both three zillion gallons of milk (soy and good ol cow) and stuff for tacos and stuff for chicken tortilla soup and lots of cereal and snaky-snacks.

And three trashy tabloids. We ARE so prepared.

I bet it just rains tomorrow.

It has been an exhausting week. I have been suffering from insomnia. I have bouts in the past, but not recently. And this week as required me to expend copious amounts of energy so you would think I would sleep like a log. Alas, it is not to be.

At dinner, while I was nodding off into my plate, I mumbled "I'm so tired I could cry." Owen said "Me too. I be wore out."

After dinner the kids dragged me into Owens bedroom, they said "Just watch us." Then they left me in here and went in played in the living room. Turns out blogging from a twin bed, not that bad.

I may even just collapse into sleep here.

If it doesn't snow tomorrow we have a 1st bday party to attend (my god mother's granddaughters). If it does we will sit around wearing our pj's, watch tons of Nick and eat cereal straight from the box.

(My boss said to me today "how do you do it with two small kids?" To which I replied "they don't know better yet, I get away with lots!")

Alright, off to change Syd's diaper. She just sit next to me and its toxic. I think this is the hubs way of saying "I know I told you to talk to the Internets, but jeez, get off your arse and help me out!"


Jeanette said...

I didn't know you had a blog! Nor did I know that everyone was freaking out about tomorrow. Weird weird state we live in

Erin Clark said...

Good Luck with the snow's been snowing here all day, we have about 5-6 inches probably, but it's all wet snow so the roadways have been clear. It's headed your way-it's really not that bad. :-) We can't wait for the nice weather to be back!

Dianne said...

I enjoy your blogs very much.. I have missed them since nobody uses myspace anymore. I decided to start my own. Will see how that works out..:)

Erin said...

Jeanette, I have this blog for a grand total of 5 days! Glad you stopped by and read!

Erin, I hear ya, I am so ready for the nice weather to be back! I won't even complain when it is 110 outside.

Dianne, Thanks for the feedback! And I am already following your blog!