Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Poop. Yeah I said poop.

My m-i-l took the kids to the library today for the teddy bear picnic.  My mom is the kids librarian and my m-i-l is my full time day care...so she takes them up for story time and whatnot quite often.  Anyway, the kids each brought their teddy bears and each kid (there were 37!  um, total kids at the picnic, I don't have 37 kids) had to introduce their bear... so when Owen was asked "What is your bears name?'  He replied "POOPY!"  Wow.  Jacob had to go out to dinner with his boss and my dad was working so me and my mom took the kids to Chickfila (or as my kids say Schickfil YAY) and I said "Owen what do you want to eat?" and he said "POOP!"  Yeah, we are not potty training or anything.

Awkward segue...

I looked pretty hot today.  And by hot I mean a hot mess.  At 7:15 am in my bathroom at home my hair, make up and clothes looked good.  But by 8:30 am when I walked into the office - after diapering, dressing, car seat buckling and unbuckling, walking in the wind, getting my Sbux etc I looked rough.  So I get to my desk, set up my laptop, my purse, my coffee and take off my coat (an aside: Dear Weather: It is spring break please stop being a jackass and give me weather above 40 degrees...I digress...) Anyway, a girl I know by face but not name walked up and informed me my blouse was no longer tucked into my skirt and my belt had rode up and my skirt down and I had 4 inches of skin and panty hose showing.  Awesome.  Then at lunch I ate a sandwich with onions and smelled like onion all day.  Double Awesome.

Another segue...

So, I am still new to this blog thing and I am going to attempt to post a link and a picture.  Bear with me y'all.

And to prove this is real:
The Goliath Bird Eating Trantula.  Make you want to puke, no?

Okay, here is a happier picture.  My kids!

This is from our Christmas blizzard, so it's a bit dated.  I have taken tons more since then except there are zero good ones - kids looking every which way but at the camera and instead of smiles it's a lot of open mouths.

Have a good eveing!

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Black Goat said...

Poop on the brain. I get that.