Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vacay Day 1

Today, thus far, has been somewhat a successful day.

No alarm clock screeching at the ass crack of dawn.  I cannot stress how amazing that is.

The kids were in happy jump up and down laughing moods.  Love it. 

Kids went to preschool for their Easter parties.

I went and got a mani, pedi, eyebrow wax and hair color.  Excessive?  Maybe.  Worth it?  Without a doubt.

Picked kids up, went to the library and the park.  Now we are just hanging until I decide to cook or buy dinner.

Took some pics of the kids before school; went to pick Syd up and she was no longer wearing her cute new outfit.  She had on a cute outfit about a size too small....that I suddenly remembered I packed in her backpack about a year ago for "just in case."  Turns out some kid barfed all over her.  Niiice.

At the park some random lady w/ a kid only slightly older than mine stopped.  It's a neighborhood park and I'm used to having other moms and kids there.  This lady must be a seriously lonely SAHM.  I heard her entire life story: where she went to college, how she meet her hubs, where her hubs works, how her mom has cancer, her dispute with her neighbor... I mean, I am all about meeting my neighbors and making friends and finding playdates w/ my kids... but in a thirty minute span, I find out all that stuff.  Bless her heart.  I liked her well enough, I am sure I will see her around the park again.

So, now for some pics... we have my before/after hair pics and some of the kids being goofy.  Enjoy!

Right after their bath...all shiny and squeaky clean

Syd says "Don't you know - shoes go on your hands!"

My Little Girl Easter Bunny

And my little boy bunny...

My hair in desperate need of a cut (ignore whatever I have on my table - yogurt?  I washed it after the pic)

Haircut w/ new bangs!  And waxed eyebrows!
Side/back view

That's all for now!


TB said...

You look good, but also I think you looked good before. I think you look like Claire Danes in the second one from the bottom!

Oh, and your kids are adorable. ;)

Erin said...

Thanks for the compliments (on me & the kids). I'll take claire danes any day.