Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Thunder

Ha!  I am sitting in the brand new recliner, for like the first time, EVER.  It is pure awesomeness.  I also have the laptop.  And while I could be playing any of my tv shows on the dvr (have L&O, L&O SVU, Pro Runway & Grey's) I actually left the tv on SPORTS.  Wait, what?  Okay, I sort of can't change the channel when the Thunder are playing.  Even if the kids are snoozing (at 8?!) and the hubs isn't home.  But the Thunder are kicking ass and we're going to the playoffs and even Snoop loves us:

I mean who doesn't love KD?

So, this am while the hubs had the kids in the bath, the "Easter Bunny" aka ME was busy putting the baskets together.  Then we very carefully made sure no kid wandered into the living room until they were both dressed just so and Syd actually had her hair did and I had my camera ready.  I was ready to take pics of those shiny clean faces smiling and laughing and them in their finest before a day of messiness (egg dye +chocolate = extra stain remover)...and CAMERA FAIL  I changed the batteries like three times and it still will not work.  I managed to get the zoo pics from earlier this week off my memory card but I could not take any pics today.  So no pics til my dad or Aunt Karen post some.

Nonetheless, it was a pretty great Easter.  It was sunny and hit 80 degrees.  Me, the hubs and the kids went to my in laws house along with: the hubs maternal grandma, paternal gpa, his Aunt Karen & Karen's gentleman friend Glenn, Karen's daughter Dianne, my parents, my sister & her hubs and my niece Grace.  And of course my in laws.  So a total of 13 adults and 3 kids.  The hubs cooked the one thing he can cook: a brown sugar honey chipolte ham (it's amazing; and aside from taco salad he makes w/ russian dressing - uh, yeah, I think it's a Baptist cookbook thing - this is the only thing he can actually cook).  I made an amazing salad w/ spinach, field greens, lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, craisins, almonds, croutons and feta.  We also had deviled eggs, potato salad, fruit salad, a jello red hot salad thing, bread and green bean casserole... oh and cake, of course.  After eating an entire 17 pound ham (that's like a pound a piece, y'all) we dyed eggs.  And Owen dyed his hands green.  He looked like the Hulk.  The hubs, my bro in law and Dianne hid the eggs and the kids searched.  Then the kids hid the eggs and me, my sis and Dianne searched.  

The kids missed their naps so they crashed by 7:30.


My major observation today was as an adult how much Christmas and Easter are alike.  And I don't mean in the obvious religious way or the traditional ham way or the mythical creature bringing toys way.  I mean in the way it exhausts parents.  In the way that you have to get to Target like a month in advance to get the good stuff.  I said screw the premade basket and made my kids individual ones.  Yeah, well, when you do this three days before Easter your kids end up w/ fruit and socks... yeah, I am an amazing mom.  Give me an award now.

Well, the hubs just got home with a thin crust pepperoni and jalapeno pizza (yes we are eating again...and yes we are bachelor-ing up since the kids are asleep.)

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