Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I won the lottery! Okay, not really.

So, I'm not even going to acknowledge that I went like 10 days w/o blogging.  I could list out what we did, but that would be immensely boring.  (If you must know there was gardening and more gardening and European sandwiches and camera shopping and lots and lots of whatnot.)

Tonight I bought four powerball tickets.  By sharing that with you, I just jinxed myself and I will not be 175 million dollars richer in 24 hours.  But let's just say I did.  And let's say I paid a shitload of taxes on it.  I'd still be like 75 million richer.  That my friends is nothing to sneeze about.  So, everyone has a "lottery list."  Here's mine

1) Pay off debt: school loans, mortgage, car loans... pay off debt for immediate family (my parents, my in laws, my siblings my hubby's bro).  I have to draw a line somewhere.  I can't pay off debt for some 7th cousin twice removed that I have never even met.  But the immediate fam, I can take care of.  They take care of me after all.  And at this point, I doubt I will have even touched a million.  (Housing is quite affordable around here, y'all)

2) Set up some trust funds.  Like "can't touch until you are 30 and a college graduate and your parents aren't allowed to touch" trust funds for my kids, my nephew and both my nieces.

3) Save that shit.  I doubt I can walk into a local Canadian State Bank and try to deposit 50 mil in a plain old ever day savings account.  Might have to hire an attorney or an accountant or both.  But some sort of IRA or 401K or something.  Something that I can't really touch or see the money and it just sits and grows.  And I get a monthly allowance.  Maybe $10,000 a month?  Seems reasonable seeing as how I will just have normal grocery, gas, electric, cell phone, cable bills.  That still gives me room to buy a crap load of costume jewelry at Forever 21.  Plus, I doubt I'd quit my job (wait, who I am kidding?! )... I'd work in some capacity, so I would have that fundage. 

4) Charity: Autism Speaks and America's Harvest (Regional Food Bank of Ok)... and I am sure plenty more.

5) Okay, now after I have taken care of that practical stuff and ensured that I will not be on one of those "where are they know" programs after blowing 175 million in 5 days...  I can succumb to vanity.  Porcelain veneers (mom, you can have some too!).  Boob job.  (Don't hate.  Y'know you'd be tempted too.)  My dream house...aka The Father of the Bride house.  (I've already downloaded the blueprints, y'all.)  A Disney vacation.  A car with heated seats.  Maybe a Volvo.  Or a Land Lover.  Whatever.  Let the hubs finally get a truck.  

6) Lot's of travel and extended family time.  Making memories.  

So, what's on your lottery list?


Debby said...

Many of the same things. Pay off debt, give money to the church and charity. Buy a new house. Start a business and put a crap load in savings. Cor wants cars.

Amy xxoo said...

I am so stealing this idea so if you wanna know what i'd get, you'll have to check out my blog in the next few days!

TB said...

Whoa whoa whoa whoa--The Father of the Bride House is your dream house? It's mine too! It is the house I judge all others against--perfection you can live in! I feel so close to you right now. :)

Erin said...

Debby, glad to know I'm not the only one who would do "boring" stuff like pay off debt and give to charity. Amy, I will be watching for your blog! TB, it is the most PERFECT house of all time.