Saturday, April 3, 2010


A quick note about yesterday's blog... thank you, everyone for your support.  I had a ton of responses on my facebook and a few here.  Thank you so much for that support.  No one thing happened yesterday to make me feel that was just like the dam burst.  But after that I felt much better.  Today and the rest of this weekend has been a good weekend.  The kids are amazingly adorable in their spring clothes and the outdoor plying.  (Maybe it's just been such long, wet, cold winter we have all gone stir crazy.  This nice weather has been immensely helpful.)

In other news... when I grow up and become a celebrity mommy (oh, wait, I have no plan for that...) I want to be Nicole Richie.  She always looks so chic and hip and on top of her mommy game.

Ignore the writing, I apparently still pics from Perez.  But for real, she looks amazing; this midwestern mommy cannot rock the skinny jean/legging look. 

Happy Easter!

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