Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This could only happen to me

Or anyone really.  But that doesn't sound near as exciting.

I took the kids to the zoo today (it was a playdate w/ Halley and her momma too).

It was a great day to go b/c it was the middle of the week, after school started and it was really overcast.  Not cool though, it was waaaay humid.

We had a fantastic time.  Our zoo has a new childrens area which is freaking awesome.

They even have an area that is like a mini spray ground.  The kiddos ran and played in the water for a good half hour and were soaked to the bone.  (This is about the time the sun came out and the temp went from 85 and humid to 92 and humid...also, we had been at the zoo 3 hrs and this was the last stop.)  Luckily, I had packed a change of clothes for each kid in case of a potty accident (though Syd has never had a potty accident which is bizarre but wonderful and Owen hasn't had one in a few days).  So, I stripped the kids down out of their wet clothes and put on dry clothes.  But the only place to put the wet clothes was the diaper bag.  Except my kids don't wear diapers so I use one of those reusable grocery bags.  And who wants to carry a purse at the zoo?  so the bag had sippies, snacks, my ph and money and after the spray ground some really wet clothes.

Well guess what?  Really wet clothes that touch a blackberry?  Yeah, my phone is dead and gone.

I have a ipod touch at home so once we got home I got on it and emailed the hubs.  (I guess I could have used the laptop but I really like my ipod touch.)  I think *hope* when he gets home from work I can go get a iPhone.  I had my blackberry 2 years and the hubs has an iphone and I like the iphone better.  We shall see though.

I also came home with a migraine...but several excedrin later I am doing better.

But for real, who would have thought wet clothes would ruin a phone?


TB said...

As you may have noticed from my blog, I have had similarly bad luck with my Blackberries. A few months ago, mine was in a bag with the pool stuff and lemonade spilled in the bag, ruining my phone. Last week, I dropped my NEW Blackberry in the toilet. Fortunately, this one was salvageable--I laid it to dry on top of the satellite receiver for half a day and it was as good as new. Just make sure you leave the battery out until it's completely dry.

...or don't, if you want an excuse to get a new phone. :)

Stephani said...

This ranks up there with all things "car"! I hate having to reprogram, and adjust to anything new tech! I feel for you. I have an iphone, so am keeping my fingers crossed you get one too!

Black Goat said...

Can't beat an iphone, but yeah wet clothes can easily destroy a phone.

Amy xxoo said...

Ooh, ooh, i can better that! I never let my son play with my cell - its just the one thing i dont want him messing with - but i was so frazzled whilst out paying a bill this week that i let him play with while the bill got sorted out. Bad idea. He manufactured that much drool that it ( the drool ) seeped into my phone and the backlit display wouldnt work, and neither would text!'
Its dried out after a few days but i almost lost a good phone to baby drool!

Erin said...

TB, yep, my ph somewhat dried it. It is spastic but workable. Took your advise about the battery... but still ordered the new phone!

Stephani, agree w/ all things "car."

Amy, drool?! that is funny. Well, not really, but sort of.