Saturday, June 19, 2010

Owen & Sydney: Ant Killers for Hire

Well, we are all dried out here in Oklahoma. 

And it is HOT.  And HUMID! 

So far this morning the kids and I played Chutes and Ladders (sorta, as best kids who don't know how to read yet, can).   There was a knock down drag out barroom brawl-esque fight over the spinner.  So we gave up on board games.

Then the kids morphed into... ANT KILLERS!

I filled up empty spray bottles with "MAGICAL ANT KILLER SPRAY" aka water and I sent them to the backyard.

After about an hour (a whole entire hour, y'all - of pure joy and happiness and bliss - no fighting, screaming or crying) they decided they needed a snack.  The lounged on the floor and ate fistfuls of teddy grahams. 

Serioulsy, could my kids get any cuter?

No clue what's on the agenda today.  Last week we hit up the Natural History Museum and it rocked our socks off.  LOVED IT.   (Syd: Dinosaurs will EAT ME!  Owen: NO!  They won't!  Dinosaurs are DEAD!)

For now...I'm off to sip my coffee leisurely... I'm still lounging in the pj's.


TB said...

That's so sweet! After my kid saw The Ant Bully he went out and put fruit snacks on all the ant hills he could find, to feed them. I'm going to use the water bottle trick for something sometime, though--good call!

Living Shallow, Living Well said...

Ugh I'm jealous I spent my day in a cube in front of a computer- consider yourself lucky!

Erin said...

TB, the water bottle trick - priceless. who knew? It was an accidentally discovery. LSLW, most days I'm right there w/ ya in the cubicle farm. So, I feel ya.