Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's not you, it's me

I have barely been on the last few weeks... so I haven't posted, I have not read your blogs or commented.  Okay, I have skimmed your blogs but I haven't really read 'em or commented on 'em.

I know.


But I assure you, it's not's me.

We went four rounds with strep and sinus infects.  That's right.  Every member of my household got strep in a round-robin fashion.  Syd and the hubs had it twice.  

So my days were filled with work, puke, laundry, giving kids baths at 2 am, sitting in urgent care waiting rooms...

And the blog world was neglected.  My apologies.

I believe we are back 100% now (24 consecutive days of illness in our household...24!) I am praising a deity out there for our wellness.  And the makers of Lysol and amoxcillian.

So that's the story. 


TB said...

How dare you neglect your dedicated followers just because you happened to be taking care of sick kids!!!

Seriously, it's fine. Lots of people have stopped blogging in the summer--I just think people are busy and will be back when the weather cools down a bit. You still show up on my blog roll when you write a new post, so I'll just wait patiently!

p.s. What is it with Strep this summer? Everyone seems to be getting it around here too! Weird.

Sara said...

That sounds terrible! Good luck getting everyone un-sick. : )