Monday, November 8, 2010

So there's that...

For TB....

and anyone else who was wondering where I have been for two months...

Thanks for your concern/interest.  It is sincerely appreciated.

Life has marched forward with life... kids got flu shots (the mist actually), Owen had his 4 year well child visit and his follow up w/ his urologist (both a-okay), we had halloween.  Syd is growing up and being a smarty and a smart alack.  Girl has attitude. 

We voted as a family.  Well, the hubs and I share different political view points.  We still take the kids to vote together.

We wake up, we eat, we go to work and school and we do laundry and cook dinner and walk the dog and run the vacuum... everything you do.

Tis life.

I may post something of import or interest later.  For now enjoy:

I was looking at our neighbor dressed in a very scandalous Dorthy outfit

My princess

Yep, in the laffy taffy already

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TB said...

Yay! You're alive! I was beginning to worry. I'm glad to hear that you're just busy being happy. You guys look great! Post more when you can. :)